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Yagan Nut

Search Difficulty: -2

Identification Difficulty: -1

Applications: 1/2/2/3/3/3

Effect: yagan oil increases stamina when imbibed. For purposes of skill checks, Constitution counts as 1 higher for a day. However, on the following day, the user receives one level of Stupor. Eating a yagan nut requires a check on Self Control (Ignore Distractions) at -2. Failure incurs breathlessness (gain 1 level of Stupor) for five minutes, fear of death for six hours (gain 3 levels of Fear), and watery eyes for seven hours. The effects are so severe that the sufferer cannot attempt to eat a yagan nut again for at least three months. Successfully eating the nut sates the appetite for three days.

Price: 6 / 6.5 silverthalers