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Rules: You can choose the special ability Writing for different areas: romance novels, poetry, political pamphlets, crime stories, fairy tales, novels, or professional publications. This special ability allows you to use a new application: Etiquette (Poetry), Fast-Talk (Novels), Myths & Legends (Fairy Tales), Persuasion (Political Pamphlets), Seduction (Romance Novels), Streetwise (Crime Stories), or an appropriate knowledge skill (Professional Publications).

Prerequisites: appropriate script, language III, skills depending on the area (Etiquette 4 for poetry, Fast-Talk 4 for fairy tales and novels, Persuasion 4 for political pamphlets, Seduction 4 for romance novels, Streetwise 4 for crime stories, an appropriate knowledge skill 4 for professional publications).

AP Value: 2 adventure points per area


Publication: Core Rules page 219