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Tribal Warrior

AP Value: 289 adventure points

Prerequisites: INT 13 (for the special ability Alertness I), DEX 13 (for the special ability Feint I), STR 13 (for the special ability Forceful Blow I)

Special Abilities: Languages totaling 4 AP; Skill Specialization Intimidation, Alertness, Feint I, Forceful Blow I

Combat Techniques: Bows 10, Brawling 12, one of the following combat techniques 12: Impact Weapons, Polearms, Swords, Two-Handed Impact Weapons, Two-Handed Swords


Physical: Body Control 6, Climbing 4, Feat of Strength 4, Perception 5, Self-Control 5, Stealth 5

Social: Intimidation 7

Nature: Animal Lore 3, Orienting 4, Plant Lore 3, Survival 4, Tracking 4

Knowledge: Myths & Legends 4, Religions 2

Craft: Leatherworking 3, Treat Wounds 4, Woodworking 4

Suggested Advantages: Direction Sense, Improved Regeneration (Life Points), Increased Life Points, Rugged Fighter, Weapon Aptitude

Suggested Disadvantages: Frenzy, Obligation I-II (family), Negative Trait (Short Temper, Superstition, Vengeance), Personality Flaw (Arrogance, Prejudice—especially against people outside the tribe)

Unsuitable Advantages: Aptitude for Social Skills, Socially Adaptable

Unsuitable Disadvantages: Fat, Sensitive to Pain, Slow, Weak Regeneration (Life Points)


Publication: Core Rules page 142