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Traumatic Fever

Level: 5

Progress: On the first day: confusion and a loss of speech control occur, afterwards fever and a strong sense of fatigue. Some victims fall into a state of restless sleep.

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 1 Day

Damage: On the first day, 2 levels Confusion, from the second day, 2 levels Stupor and 1D6 DP per day/on the first day, 1 level Confusion, from the second day, 1 level Stupor aswell as 1D3 DP per day

Duration: 3 days

Causes: Bites of carrion feeders, wounds from heavily contaminated weapons, poor or no dressing of wounds (1-2 on 1D20, 10%)

Treatment: Bed rest and general fever treatment (1 DP less per day).

Antidote: None; the Church of Peraine knows liturgical chants that cure traumatic fever.