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Tradition (Guild Mage)

A spell cast in the guild mage’s Tradition requires line of sight to the target, magical gestures, and a magical incantation intoned openly and obviously.

  • Guild mages can choose one spell from an unfamiliar Tradition during Hero Creation. They can then cast this spell as if it were a spell from the mage’s own Tradition. Translating a spell in this manner takes a great deal of effort and can be achieved only at an academy.
  • Guild Mage spells can be written down in spell books and scrolls. Mages can then learn the spell from this written source without the assistance of a tutor.
  • Guild mages can create and use special guild mage Tradition artifacts (like mage’s staves).
  • The primary attribute of this Tradition is Sagacity.

Requirements: Advantage Spellcaster

AP Value: 155 AP


Publication: Core Rules page 275