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(Special Maneuver)

Rules: A rider that wants to use a lance to attack an enemy must use the mount command Tilt (see Rules for Mounted Combat, page 239, for more details). Tilt must be used at a full gallop. Make a check using Riding (Combat Maneuvers), and then make an attack with Lances (this does not require another action because it is considered part of the same maneuver). Horse and rider need not reduce their movement after the attack. Tilt cannot be parried with a weapon, but can be dodged or parried with a shield. After a successful hit, or if the defender parries successfully, the rider usually releases the lance to avoid being knocked from the saddle by the impact. If the tilt is successful, increase the DP by 2 + (half of the mount’s MOV). You can find the stats for a war lance on page 367.

Prerequisites: COU 13, Mounted Combat

Combat Techniques: Lances

AP Value: 10 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 250