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Language: Thorwalian (dialect of the Olport Stones, Olport dialect, Prem dialect, Thorwal dialect, Waskir dialect)

Script: Thorwalian Runes or Kusliker Signs (2 AP)

Area Knowledge: depending on home region (for example, Olport, Prem, Thorwal-Town, Waskir)

Social Status: Noble

Common Professions:

  • Mundane Professions: all but Gladiator, Knight, and Tribal Warrior
  • Magic Professions: Witch, Mage
  • Blessed Professions:

Common Advantages: Direction Sense, Improved Regeneration (Life Points), Luck, Sense of Range, Rugged Fighter

Common Disadvantages: Frenzy, Negative Trait (Curious, Superstitious, Vengeance), Personality Flaw (Prejudices - mostly against Al’Anfans, lizard folk, Horasians, and whalers)

Uncommon Advantages: Socially Adaptable

Uncommon Disadvantages: Afraid of (the Sea)

Common Skills: Astronomy, Carousing, Earthencraft, Feat of

Strength, Fishing, Geography, Intimidation, Myths & Legends,

Orienting, Sailing, Self-Control, Woodworking

Uncommon Skills: Etiquette, Flying, Prepare Food

Common Names:

  • Male: Asleif, Eirik, Frenjar, Garald, Halmar, Laske, Norri, Raskir, Thorwulf, Wulfgrimm
  • Female: Askra, Branda, Eilif, Frenja, Janda, Korja, Norhild, Ragna, Sigrun, Thora

A secondary name is created by combining the first name of a parent with either -son or -dottir, depending on the offspring’s gender. Examples include Eirk Halmarson, or Ragna Frenjasdottir. A traditional wrestling match between the parents often settles whose name is used as the secondary.

Cultural Package Thorwaler (24 AP)

Carousing +2, Feat of Strength +2, Fishing +2, Geography +1, Intimidation +1, Myths & Legends +1, Orienting +1, Sailing +2, Woodworking +2


Publication: Core Rules page 117