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Sword of Flame

Effect: This turns the staff into a hotly burning flame weapon, in the shape of either a long sword or, in some cultures, a scimitar. The Sword of Flame is a magical weapon and does extra damage to creatures susceptible to fire. It does 1D6+7 DP but otherwise uses all other stats for a long sword. The staff must be at least one yard long to become a Sword of Flame.

You can use the Sword of Flame in two ways, as follows.

  1. You can wield it like a normal sword with the combat technique Swords. If you botch, the sword turns back into a mage’s staff. This use costs 1 AE per round.
  1. You can make it fly and fight using telekinesis. You use the combat technique Swords and your attack stat for attacks. It moves with Movement 8. You must concentrate to control the sword. Making the Sword of Flame fly in a coordinated way is a long action (see page 228). If the sword ever moves more than 32 yards away from you, the effect ends and the sword reverts to a staff. This activation costs 2 AE per round. To grab a flying Sword of Flame, make a successful attack with Brawling and the special ability Grapple (the sword has Feat of Strength 10 with 14 in all attributes, and PA equal to half of its AT).

Requirements: Eternal Flame and Power Focus

Volume: 7 points

AE Cost: 3 AE, then 1 or 2 AE per combat round

Property: Elemental

AP Value: 35 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 277