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Sweep I-II

(Special Maneuver)

Rules: Sweep I allows you to attack two enemies at once, while Sweep II allows you to attack three enemies. Opponents can react to this attack individually. Your first attack suffers a penalty of 2, the second attack suffers a penalty of 6, and the third attack suffers a penalty of 10. Make separate damage rolls against each enemy who fails to defend. If you botch an attack, all remaining Sweep attacks for this combat round are lost.

Penalty: -2 (first attack); -6 (second attack); -10 (third attack)

Prerequisites: Level I: AGI 15; Level II: AGI 17, Sweep I

Combat Techniques: Chain Weapons, Impact Weapons, Shields, Polearms, Swords, Two-Handed Impact Weapons, Two-Handed Swords

AP Value: Level I/II: 25/35 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 250