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A hero with the state petrified has turned into a stone statue. This state is permanent unless a duration is listed in the cause’s description. Otherwise, this state can be reversed only via magic or divine intervention. The description of the cause of petrifaction also mentions whether a hero immediately dies by being turned to stone, or if some chance remains for restoring the hero’s normal form.

A petrified hero cannot move, think, or perceive anything. If the state ends, the hero can remember nothing from the time spent as a statue. The hero does not age while turned to stone, and poisons and diseases have no effect as well. If the statue is broken before the petrifaction is reversed, any damage is applied to the hero’s body immediately upon being returned to normal. Stone fingers that are broken off remain severed, and if the statue is scratched, the hero will have cuts, and so on. The GM decides the nature and extent of any damage that results.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 122