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AP Value: 221 adventure points

Prerequisites: Race Elf (18 AP); Special Ability Tradition (Elf) (125 AP)

Special Abilities: Languages and Literacy totaling 4 AP; Skill Specialization Music, Magical Melody 4

Combat Techniques: Bows 8


Physical: Body Control 4, Singing 5, Swimming 4

Social: Willpower 3

Nature: Orienting 3, Plant Lore 5, Survival 4, Tracking 4

Knowledge: Astronomy 5, History 4, Magical Lore 5, Religions 4

Craft: Music 7

Spells: Two cantrips from the following list:

Firefinger, Fragrance, Siren Call, Signature; Bannbaladin 4, Breathe Water 4, Gaze into the Mind 5, Odem 6, Silentium 4, Visibili 6

Suggested Advantages: Darksight II, Direction Sense, Increased Spirit, Sense of Range,

Suggested Disadvantages: Decreased Toughness, Negative Trait (Curiosity), Personality Flaw (Arrogance)

Unsuitable Advantages: Socially Adaptable

Unsuitable Disadvantages: Frenzy


Publication: Core Rules page 144