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Spellblade Spiritspear


Effect: You can use this ritual to bind AE into a weapon so it is considered a magical weapon. The AE cost of the ritual depends on the weapon’s size. You can increase the duration to QL x 30 years by multiplying the AE cost of the ritual by 5. Note: 1/20 of the AE cost of the ritual is permanent AE (for more about permanent AE, and regaining AE spent in this manner, see page 352).

Ritual Time: 8 hours

AE Cost: Depends on the weapon (you cannot use a modification on this ritual’s cost)

Range: 8 yards

Duration: QL in days

Target Category: Objects

Property: Object

Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: C


Cost Depending on Size

Example Size Cost
Daggers, Fencing Weapons, Short Swords 10 AE
Chain Weapons, Impact Weapons,Swords 20 AE
Two-Handed-Weapons 35 AE


Publication: Core Rules page 300