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Whenever you spend KP, you gain Rapture. Every 10 KP you spend to perform miracles, liturgical chants, or ceremonies gives a level of the condition Rapture. These KP must all be spent in the same 24-hour period to induce Rapture. Rapture decreases at a rate of 1 level per hour unless you spend more KP during this time. Blessed Ones can spend KP solely to induce Rapture, if desired. Hermits and other holy persons sometimes use this method to become especially close to their god while in isolation. Every 10 KP you spend in this fashion in one 24-hour period grants a level of Rapture.


Miracles are minor divine effects that Blessed Ones invoke through short prayers. Blessed Ones can spend 4 KP to add 2 to the SR of a skill that is favored by their god, but must spend these KP immediately prior to making the skill check or taking the action. Invoking a miracle is a free action, but if you cannot then use the skill for any reason, the extra SR are lost. You can use miracles for combat techniques, too. In this case, the Blessed One receives +2 AT or +2 PA for the combat technique. Ranged combat techniques receive a bonus of +2 to RC.

Great Miracles

Great Miracles

The Mystery of Kha—the Law of the World—forces the

gods to refrain from meddling in the affairs of mortals.  Nevertheless, gods sometimes hear the pleas of their believers. In most cases gods only answer the prayers of their Blessed Ones, but stories tell of pious peasants who were answered by Peraine, and of humble knights who received aid from Rondra.

Great Miracles are extremely rare. The GM always has the final say about their effect, and decides what a deity is prepared to do for a Blessed One or a believer, depending on the situation. No mortal should receive a Great Miracle more than once.

Blessed Ones do not need to spend KP to invoke Great Miracles. Deities pay this cost themselves.


Core Rule page 314