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Social skills



Applications: Costuming, Imitate Person, Stage Acting

Encumbrance: Yes

Tools: a disguise

Quality: it’s hard to see through the disguise.

Failed Check: the disguise is a poor one that won’t pass close examination.

Critical Success: the disguise is flawless.

Botch: people see through the disguise at once. The hero will probably get in trouble.

Improvement Cost: B




Applications: Discern Motivation, Sense Deception

Encumbrance: No

Quality: gain insight into another person’s motivation or intentionally misleading statement.

Failed Check: the hero is unsure.

Critical Success: the hero gets a strong sense of what drives a person to act in a certain manner.

Botch: the hero misjudges the situation completely (believing every word a liar says, or thinking an honest person is lying, for example).

Improvement Cost: C

Action Modifier




Applications: Fashion, Manners, Rumors, Small Talk

Encumbrance: No

Quality: the hero makes a good impression and is remembered in a positive light.

Failed Check: the hero forgets some important rules of etiquette and makes a bad impression.

Critical Success: the hero’s manners, wit, and charm are the talk of the party.

Botch: the hero’s boorish behavior insults an important personage.

Improvement Cost: B



Use: Leader (see page 217)


Applications: Hard Sell, Begging, Manipulation, Provocation, Subterfuge, Sweet-Talk

Encumbrance: No

Quality: the target character does more for the hero.

Failed Check: the hero can’t persuade the target character.

Critical Success: the target character does much more than expected.

Botch: the target character grows angry with the hero and can’t be convinced of anything.

Improvement Cost: C




Applications: Interrogation, Threats, Torture

Encumbrance: No

Quality: the victim remains intimidated longer or reveals more than expected.

Failed Check: the target ignores all insults and attempts at intimidation.

Critical Success: the target is utterly intimidated and won’t act against the character for the foreseeable future.

Botch: instead of being intimidated or insulted, the reverse happens, and the target grows angry, calm, or even amused. Alternatively, the would-be intimidator appears foolish.

Improvement Cost: B




Applications: Conversation, Debate, Oration, Provocation

Encumbrance: No

Quality: you persuade more people, or the target adheres to the new belief for a longer time.

Failed Check: The target doesn’t believe the orator.

Critical Success: The target is completely convinced.

Botch: The target feels insulted.

Improvement Cost: B




Applications: Flirting, Romantic Arts, Beautify

Encumbrance: No, but there could be situational exceptions, like trying to seduce somebody while wearing plate armor

Quality: the target reacts favorably to the character.

Failed Check: the character doesn’t manage to arouse the target’s interest.

Critical Success: the target tries to fulfill all the character’s wishes.

Botch: the target slaps the character for being crude.

Improvement Cost: B




Applications: Asking Around, Judging Locations, Shadowing

Encumbrance: No (maybe in some situations, such as if your armor helps you resemble a guard or a nobleman)

Quality: collect more information, or get it faster than expected.

Failed Check: receive no useful information.

Critical Success: find an especially good but inexpensive inn, obtain much more information than expected, or find a contact who offers excellent terms.

Botch: walk into an ambush by a gang of thugs who plan to rob you blind.

Improvement Cost: C




Applications: Face Threats, Resist Fast-Talk, Resist Intimidation, Resist Persuasion, Resist Seduction

Encumbrance: No

Quality: greatly reduce the effects of Seduction or Persuasion, or resist them completely.

Failed Check: the hero cannot resist.

Critical Success: the hero resists and cannot be influenced by that person or thing for the near future.

Botch: the hero succumbs completely to the person attempting the influence, or faints when faced with something like a horrible demon.

Improvement Cost: D


Core Rules page 193