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Check: SGC/INT/CHA (modified by Spirit)

Effect: The liturgical chant inflicts levels of the condition Stupor on the target, based on the QL. A target that reaches Level IV falls asleep and only wakes if exposed to loud noises, shaking, or similar disturbances. If not disturbed, the sleep continues until the target wakes naturally.

QL 1: 1 level of Stupor, for 1 CR

QL 2: 1 level of Stupor

QL 3: 2 levels of Stupor

QL 4: 3 levels of Stupor

QL 5: 4 levels of Stupor

QL 6: 4 levels of Stupor for twice the normal duration

Liturgical Time: 2 actions

KP Cost: 8 KP

Range: 8 yards

Duration: QL x 3 minutes

Target Category: Intelligent Creatures

Traditions: Boron (Dream)

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 330