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What is the sum of 2 and 6?

Serpent Staff



Effect: The serpent protects the Blessed One to the best of its ability. If the serpent dies, it turns back into the item. The serpent is considered blessed (see page 309).

Liturgical Time: 2 actions

KP Cost: 8 KP

Range: 4 yards

Duration: QL x 3 minutes

Target Category: Objects

Traditions: Hesinde (Magic)

Improvement Cost: B


Staff Serpent

Size: 5 to 6 feet

Weight: 5 to 7 pounds

COU 16 SGC 11 INT 11 CHA 10

DEX 6 AGI 11 CON 4 STR 4

LP 12 INI 14+1D6 DO 6

PRO 1 SP 1 TOU -3 MOV 2

Bite: AT 15 DP 1D6 (+poison)* RE short Actions: 1

Special Abilities: none

Skill: Perception 7, Stealth 10, Willpower 7

Size Category: small

Type: Animal

Loot: Staff

Combat Behavior: The serpent defends the Blessed One until death.

Escape: see Combat Behavior

Special Rules:

*) Venom

Level: 5

Type: Weapon Poison, Venom

Effect: one-time damage of 1D6 DP (ignoring PRO), 2 levels of Pain/1 level of Pain

Start: 2 CR

Duration: 30 minutes/15 minutes


Publication: Core Rules page 330