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Search Difficulty: -5

Identification Difficulty: -4

Applications: 1/1/1/2/2/3

Effect: Sansaro alleviates the effects of Efferd’s and dungeon syndrome. There are no extra levels of Confusion added by the diseases. Constant ingestion for two weeks completely cures both diseases. If taken for febrile diseases, sansaro subtracts 1 from the DP suffered each day. Moreover, if processed into a brew, it prevents diseases of all kinds for one day—those that are not magical or otherwise supernatural in origin, that is. As a paste, the plant helps against parasites for two days. After one week, the paste takes on a septic odor, and the user suffers an additional penalty of 1 on all CHA checks that involve the sense of smell. A decoction of quinja, sansaro, and donf prevents the onset of yearly fever for five months after ingestion.

Price: 9/18 silverthalers