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Sanctify Object



Effect: You usually sanctify liturgical items or a ritual weapon like a sun-scepter or a Rondra’s Crest, infusing them with the divine power of the god. Only items that are carefully chosen and pleasing unto the gods are sanctified, and then they are given only to true believers. If the sanctified object is a weapon, treat it as a sacred weapon. Normally the object cannot weigh more than 8 pounds, but the object can be an additional 2 pounds heavier per QL. Sanctify Object is mainly used to create Raven’s beaks (for Blessed Ones of Boron), sun-scepters (for Blessed Ones of Praios), and Rondra’s Crests (for Blessed Ones of Rondra).

Ceremonial Time: 2 hours

KP Cost: 16 KP, 2 of them permanent (you cannot use a modification on this ceremony’s cost)

Range: 4 yards

Duration: Permanent

Target Category: Objects

Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: C


Publication: Core Rules page 333