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Routine Check

The use of a skill is not always suspenseful or exciting. If a hero has high attributes and skill ratings (SR) and the check receives a bonus, the question is usually not whether the player succeeds, but rather how many skill points (SP) remain.

In such cases the GM can use the rule for routine checks. Routine checks aren’t rolled. Instead, heroes simply keep half their SR as SP and determine QL as usual (for cumulative checks, heroes get this same number of SP per check interval and can add them to their total). A routine check is not allowed if a hero is under time pressure (such as trying to pick a lock while guards approach). To qualify as a routine check, both of the following conditions must be met:

  • The character must have a value of at least 13 in each attribute used in the check.
  • The character must have a certain minimum SR as dictated by the modifier on the check (see the chart Requirements for Routine Checks, below). The more difficult the check, the higher the required SR.


Requirements for Routine Checks

Maximum Modifier Minimum Skill Rating

+3 and higher           1

+2        4

+1        7

+/-0     10

-1        13

-2        16

-3        19


Core Rule page 184