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Raven Witch


AP Value: 295 adventure points

Prerequisites: Advantage Spellcaster (25 AP); Special Ability Tradition (Witch) (135 AP)

Special Abilities: Languages and Literacy totaling 8 AP, Curses totaling 8 AP, Flying Balm, Connection to Familiar

Combat Techniques: Brawling 8, Polearms 8


Physical: Flying 6, Gaukelei 4, Stealth 2

Social: Empathy 6, Fast-Talk 4, Persuasion 4

Nature: Animal Lore 4, Plant Lore 4, Survival 3

Knowledge: Astronomy 4, History 4, Magical Lore 3,

Myths & Legends 5, Religions 4

Craft: Alchemy 4, Treat Disease 2, Treat Soul 4

Spells: Two cantrips from the following list:

Cooldown, Stay Dry, Ventriloquism; Fighting Stick 5, Gaze into the Mind 6, Harmless Shape 4, Placidity 5, Powerful Greed 4, Odem 6, Witch’s Bile 4

Suggested Advantages: Hidden Aura, Resistant to Aging (only for egg-born)

Suggested Disadvantages: Negative Trait (Avarice, Curiosity, Vengeance), No Familiar, No Flying Balm, Personality Flaw (Vanity)

Unsuitable Advantages: Rugged Fighter

Unsuitable Disadvantages: Frenzy


Publication: Core Rules page 147