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Rat Fungus

Search Difficulty: -4

Identification Difficulty: -3

Applications: 1/1/2/2/3/3

Price: None (as it is not publicly traded)

Special Rule: This fungus exerts a strong attraction on people. The GM rolls against the poison level, which is

3 (13/13/13) modified by the SPI of the hero. If successful, the hero inhales spores or even eats the fungus and is

consumed with doubts. If a Blessed One consumes rat fungus, the GM checks for infection with zorganpox. The chance of infection is 50% (1–10 on 1D20). Even if infection does not occur, the Blessed One is still overcome with doubts.


Rat Fungus Poison

Poison Level: 3 (13/13/13)

Type: Inhalation poison (spores) or ingestion poison/ Mushroom

Resistance: Spirit

Effect: victims gain one level of the condition Rapture unless they are Blessed Ones with Tradition (Nameless One). This condition cannot be reduced for the duration of the poisoning. Victims suffer a penalty to resist the temptations of the Nameless god as well as to all skill, spell, and liturgical checks that are contrary to the principles of the Nameless One. Each additional dose taken during the initial duration of the poison incurs an additional level of Rapture. At Rapture level II, the victim gains bonuses to skills which are pleasing to the Nameless One. Victims that do not already worship the Nameless One suffer tempting visions, but can try to resist these seductive visions by making a Willpower (Resist Persuasion) check. In this case, Rapture is a detriment to the victim. / Victims begin toexperience severe doubt and suffer penalties to resist the Nameless One. To resist conversion attempts, make a competitive check on Willpower (Persuasion vs. victim’s Resist Persuasion) with the applicable Rapture penalty. If successful, the victim still suffers nagging doubts until the duration ends and the levels of Rapture subside.

Start: 5 Minutes

Duration: 7 days / 13 hours