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Rapid Mania

Level: 5

Progress: Strong, uncontrollable twitching for the first day, then fits of unprovoked anger and indiscriminate rage. Frenzy and coma set in on the second day.

Resistance: Spirit

Incubation Time: 3 days

Damage: 1D3 DP (ignoring PRO) and strong, shaking palsy (1 level of the condition Paralysis) for the first day. Willpower checks against the Negative Traits Vengeance and Quick Temper suffer a penalty of 5. After the second day, frenzy (the hero temporarily gains the Negative Trait Quick Temper and the disadvantage Frenzy; if the hero already has Quick Temper, Willpower checks to avoid Frenzy suffer a penalty of 2); coma (1 level of the condition Stupor per 3 hours) / 1 DP per day (ignoring PRO), shaking palsy (1 level of Paralysis), and Willpower checks for the Negative Traits Vengeance and Quick Temper fail automatically.

Duration: 7 days/3 days

Cause: Temple sacrilege (1 on 1D20, or 5%), temple sacrilege against Hesinde (1-4 on 1D20, or 20%)

Treatment: Intercessions by Blessed Ones (especially those of Hesinde), placing the patient in restraints.

Cure: Lulany pollen as a potion. If the disease check is successful and the disease takes full effect, ingestion of lulany pollen in potion form lessens the disease’s effect (apply the effects listed after the slash under Damage). If the disease check fails, the disease is cured at once.