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Level: 6

Progress: On the first day: difficulty swallowing, followed by difficulty breathing. Starting with the third day there is increasing fever, hallucinations, clouded senses, and regular fits of rage (per hour, 1 on 1D20, 5%). During these fits the diseased receives the state bloodlust.

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 2 months, in some cases up to one year

Damage: From the third day, 1 level Confusion and 2D6+2 DP per day/from the third day, 1 level Confusion, as well as 1D6+1 DP per day

Duration: 7 days/3 days

Causes: Bite of either an animal or someone affected by rabies (1-6 on 1D20, 80%)

Treatment: Bed rest and general fever treatment (1 DP less per day), fixation to protect the diseased and their environment

Antidote Consuming a dose of yoruga oil protects for 4 months after an infection. Atripled dose takenwithin a day after a bite lowers the probability of an infection to 20% (1-4 on 1D20).