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Schutz- und Bannkreise

  1. Drawing a Circle

Typical circles are drawn with magical chalk, have a diameter of 3 yards, and are decorated with a variety of arcane signs and glyphs dictated by the type of creature the circles affect. To draw a circle, make a check using Drawing & Painting (Draw Magical Signs). This requires 15 minutes. To save time, some spellcasters use carpets or other floor coverings embroidered or engraved with magical signs, so they don’t have to draw them every time.


  1. Activating a Circle

Spellcasters must have the special ability Magical Signs to activate a circle. Once completed, the circle is imbued with AE during a short, 5-minute ritual of activation, at which point the spellcaster channels the stated amount of AE into the circle. If the circle is drawn properly, the spellcaster doesn’t need to make another check to imbue it with AE. When the ritual is over, the circle remains active until the next sunrise. If the lines of the circle are smudged or otherwise removed, the circle’s effect ends immediately.


Core Rule page 265