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Peaceful Aura


Effect: Opponents must make checks with Willpower (Face Threats) to attack you (and must get a QL higher than the liturgical chant’s QL to do so). If they fail their check, they cannot attack. If they succeed, their attack suffers a penalty equal to the QL of the liturgical chant. This liturgical chant only protects the caster. As long as the liturgical chant remains in effect, the Blessed One cannot make attacks (close or ranged combat) or initiate other offensive actions against opponents, but can support companions.

Liturgical Time: 1 action

KP Cost: 8 KP

Range: Self

Duration: QL x 3 combat rounds

Target Category: Intelligent Creatures

Traditions: Hesinde (Magic and Knowledge), Peraine (Healing and Agriculture)

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 328