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Language: Tulamidya (Khôm-Novadi)

Script: Holy Glyphs of Unau (2 AP)

Area Knowledge: depending on home region (for example, Keft, Mherwed, Unau)

Social Status: Noble, Not Free

Common Professions:

  • Mundane Professions: all but Gladiator and Knight
  • Magic Professions: Mage (rare)
  • Blessed Professions:

Common Advantages: Difficult to Enchant, Direction Sense, Resistant to Heat, Rugged Fighter, Sense of Range

Common Disadvantages: Afraid of (Cramped Spaces, the Sea), Negative Trait (Short Temper, Vengeance), Personality Flaw (Arrogance, Prejudices - mostly against women and unbelievers), Principles (99 Laws)

Uncommon Advantages: Resistant to Cold

Uncommon Disadvantages: Susceptible to Heat

Common Skills: Animal Lore, Intimidation, Law, Orienting, Perception, Plant Lore, Riding, Survival, Tracking, Warfare

Uncommon Skills: Driving, Fishing, Magical Lore

Common Names:

  • Male: Abdul, Chadim, Habled, Khorim, Omar, Mustafa, Nareb, Rashid, Said, Zahir
  • Female: Aisha, Eshila, Fadime, Laila, Meriban, Nedime, Oyan, Perishan, Ranchel, Shila
  • Known Tribes: Beni Ankhara, Beni Arrat, Beni Avad, Beni Brachtar, Beni Erkin, Beni Gadang, Beni Kasim, Beni Kharram, Beni Novad, Beni Schebt, Beni Shadif, Beni Szelemjati, Beni Terkui

Names are connected to the name of the mother or father, with ben for men and saba or -sunni for women. Examples include Nedime saba Shila, Ranchel Oyansunni, or Omar ben Said. Like the Mhanadistani, Novadi use honorifics.

Cultural Package Novadi (25 AP)

Animal Lore +1, Intimidation +2, Law +1, Orienting +2, Riding +2, Survival +2, Tracking +1


Publication: Core Rules page 114