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What is the sum of 9 and 8?


Language: Alaani (Gajka, Takellen)

Script: Kusliker Signs (2 AP)

Area Knowledge: depending on home region (for example, a stretch of road)

Social Status: none

Common Professions:

  • Mundane Professions: Healer, Hunter, Mercenary, Merchant, Rogue
  • Magic Professions: Witch, Mage (rare)
  • Blessed Professions: Blessed One of Hesinde, Blessed One of Phex

Common Advantages: Direction Sense, Resistant to Cold

Common Disadvantages: Afraid of (Cramped Spaces or Heights), Negative Trait (Curious, Greed), Obligations (to the family)

Uncommon Advantages: Resistant to Heat

Uncommon Disadvantages: Personality Flaw (Arrogance), Principles (any kind)

Common Skills: Commerce, Driving, Fast-Talk, Geography, Orienting, Survival

Uncommon Skills: Flying, Sailing

Common Names:

  • Male: Aikul, Beril, Darjew, Fadril, Jagotin, Kergil, Laromir, Mikail, Radul, Tuljew
  • Female: Barina, Dagris, Eika, Hetinka, Janka, Kolja, Lexaja, Olja, Slanka, Tuminka
  • Family Names: Aljeff, Bolscheff, Choprutin, Dagoneff, Garkinen, Janig, Koranzig, Kowalejeff, Lugoltin, Sewerin

Cultural Package Norbards (18 AP)

Commerce +2, Driving +2, Fast-Talk +1, Geography +2, Orienting +1, Survival +1


Publication: Core Rules page 111