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Language: Garethi (depending on province)

Script: Kusliker Signs (2 AP)

Area Knowledge: depending on home region (for example, Angbar, Elenvina, Gareth, Griffonsford, Havena, Punin)

Social Status: Noble, Not Free

Common Professions:

  • Mundane Professions: all but Tribal Warrior; Gladiators are very rare
  • Magic Professions: Witch, Mage
  • Blessed Professions: Blessed One of Boron, Blessed One of Hesinde, Blessed One of Praios, Blessed One of Peraine, Blessed One of Phex, Blessed One of Rondra

Common Advantages: Luck

Common Disadvantages: Negative Trait (Superstition), Personality Flaw (Prejudices - mostly against heathens, elves, orcs, goblins, and non-Middenrealmers)

Uncommon Advantages: Resistant to Cold, Resistant to Heat

Uncommon Advantages: none

Common Skills: Animal Lore, Clothworking, Metalworking, Plant Lore, Woodworking

Uncommon Skills: Flying

Common Names:

  • Male: Alrik, Cordovan, Darian, Erlan, Gerion, Hagen, Praiodan, Refardeon, Viburn, Yendor
  • Female: Alena, Caya, Dorlen, Elwene, Fiana, Khorena, Oleana, Quisira, Sannah, Xaviera
  • Family Names: Alfaran, Berlind, Damotil, Foxfur, Gravesalve, Harnessmaker, Mildflock, Stonecarver, Winterfrost, Zandor
  • Noble Families: of the Mountain, of Galahan, of Mersingen, of Streitzig, of Stormrock

Cultural Package Middenrealmer (12 AP)

Animal Lore +1, Clothworking +1, Metalworking +1, Plant Lore +1, Woodworking +1


Publication: Core Rules page 107