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Magical Analysis

Magical analysis allows a hero to analyze the powers of a newly-obtained magical item, or to learn more about a magical creature or a spell that has been cast on a creature or object. Magical analysis requires a successful Magical Lore (appropriate application) check. The check’s QL determines what the hero learns about the object, creature, or spell, as shown in the following examples. The result that the hero can achieve via magical analysis is limited, as follows.

  • The hero must have clairvoyance spells, liturgical chants, or the special ability Analyst to perform a magical analysis. Without at least one of these, the analysis reveals nothing.
  • Even without clairvoyance spells or liturgical chants, the special ability Analyst grants a result of QL 1 for the magical analysis.
  • Certain clairvoyance spells and liturgical chants can increase the QL, as described in the relevant spell or liturgical chant. QL gained from different spells and liturgical chants are not cumulative—if you cast multiple spells or liturgical chants during the same analysis to increase the QL, only the single best result applies. The special ability Analyst increases the maximum QL that you can achieve for the Magical Lore check by 1.
  • If using the spell Analyze Arcane Structure, the maximum QL that the hero can achieve on the Magical Lore check is equal to the QL of the spell Analyze. Other spells that garner QL do not stack with the spell Analyze.



Core Rule page 268