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Lion Shape


Effect: You turn into a lion of your character’s gender. Clothes and equipment do not transform. While in your animal shape, you keep your mental attributes but otherwise receive all the physical attributes and abilities of a lion. You can add QL x 2 points to the physical attributes of the lion. You cannot use supernatural powers like spells or liturgical chants as long as you remain in lion shape. The lion is considered blessed (see page 309).

Ceremonial Time: 30 minutes

KP Cost: 16 KP

Range: Self

Duration: QL x 3 hours

Target Category: Living Creatures (the Blessed One)

Tradition: Rondra (Shield, Storm)

Improvement Cost: B



Size: 5 to 7 feet long (not including tail); 3 to 4 feet high at the shoulder

Weight: 260 to 400 pounds

Mental Attributes (as the Blessed One)

DEX 9 AGI 14 CON 16 STR 16

LP (as the Blessed One) INI 14+1D6 DO 7

PRO 0 SPI (as the Blessed One) TOU -3 MOV 12

Bite: AT 15 DP 1D6+6 RE short

Paws: AT 14 DP 1D6+3 RE short

Actions: 1

Size Category: medium

Type: Animal

Additional Advantages: Darksight I, Exceptional Sense (Smell)



Publication: Core Rules page 332