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Level: 5

Progress: Leprosy progresses very slowly, beginning with red spots on the skin, which feel numb and spread over a number of weeks. The spots become increasingly knotty, and within a few months, face and limbs starts to disintegrate. The diseased does not lose the ability to regenerate, unlike the state diseased. When healed in a later stage, the knots and any disintegration caused by the disease remain.

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 3 Months, in rare cases multiple years

Damage: The diseased lose two levels of their appearance, going from normal-looking to the disadvantage Ugly II, or going from Good Looking I to Ugly I, and so on. At the GM’s discretion, for every month in which the disease continues, the diseased loses a further small part, such as a finger or toe. Once per year, the hero suffers a variant of the disadvantage Mutilated (the first instance of this is a year after the disease starts). The diseased loses another level of appearance. Once the disease subsides, no damage remains and the lowered level of appearance regenerates after 1D6 days.

Duration: Until healing or death/20 days

Causes: Contact with diseased (1 on 1D20, 5%)

Treatment: Regular baths in hot vinegar and herbal baths slow the negative effects of the disease by half.

Antidote: None; the Church of Peraine knows liturgies to stop leprosy.