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AP Value: 230 adventure points

Prerequisites: AGI 13 (for the special ability Feint I), CON 13 (for the special ability Inured to Encumbrance I), STR 13 (for the special ability Forceful Blow I)

Special Abilities: Languages and Literacy totaling 10 AP; Skill Specialization Warfare, Feint I, Forceful Blow I, Inured to Encumbrance I

Combat Techniques: Brawling 8, Lances 10, Swords 12, Two-Handed Swords 10, one of the following combat techniques 10: Chain Weapons, Impact Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons


Physical: Body Control 3, Feat of Strength 5, Riding 8, Self-Control 4

Social: Empathy 2, Etiquette 6, Willpower 3

Nature: —

Knowledge: History 4, Myths & Legends 5, Religions 2, Warfare 4


Suggested Advantages: Ambidextrous, Good Looks, Improved Regeneration (Life Points), Increased Life Points, Rich, Rugged Fighter, Socially Adaptable

Suggested Disadvantages: Obligations II (liege), Personality Flaw (Arrogance, Vanity), Principles I-II (knightly codex, honorable behavior, protect the weak)

Unsuitable Advantages: None

Unsuitable Disadvantages: Fat, Frenzy, Weak Regeneration (Life Points)


  • Courtly Knight (228 AP): Brawling 6 instead of 8, Etiquette 7 instead of 6, Feat of Strength 3 instead of 5, Lances 12 instead of 10, Riding 6 instead of 8, Seduction 4 instead of 0, Warfare 2 instead of 4
  • Robber Knight and Hedge Knight (226 AP): Commerce 4 instead of 0, Etiquette 2 instead of 6, Riding 6 instead of 8


Publication: Core Rules page 135