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Jaundice or Battlefield Fever

Level: 2

Progress: Heavy fever, accompanied by cramps and bodily pains. In later stages, yellowish lips. Elves suffer more severely from jaundice (the disease check for jaundice is always successful). In some cases, jaundice can lead to yearly fever (1-2 on 1D20, 10%).

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 3 days

Damage: 1 level Pain and 1D6 DP per day/1 level Pain, as well as 1 DP per day

Duration: 7 days/3 days

Causes: Contaminated wounds, especially on battlefields (1-4 on 1D20, 20%), proximity to someone with the disease (1 on 1D20, 5%)

Treatment: Bed rest and general fever treatment (1 DP less per day).

Antidote: Alcoholic potion made from yoruga and gulmond shortens the disease by 2 days; an ointment made from thrashbeard prevents catching yearly fever.