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Inured to Encumbrance I-II


Rules: A hero with this SA suffers armor Encumbrance penalties as if wearing lighter armor. Use the penalties for armor that is 2 steps (on the Armor chart—see page 237) lighter per level of Inured to Encumbrance. For example, a character with Inured to Encumbrance II who puts on a suit of plate armor suffers penalties (to ENC, MOV, and INI) as if wearing Cloth armor or gambeson instead (Cloth armor or gambeson is four steps lighter than plate armor on the Armor chart—see page 237). The PRO of the armor does not change.

Prerequisites: Level I: CON 13; Level II: CON 15, Inured to Encumbrance I

Combat Technique: All

AP Value: Level I/II: 20/35 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 248



Protection (PRO) Encumbrance (Level) Additional Penalties Weight Cost Complexity
Normal clothing, furs, or naked 0 0 - 2 pounds various -
Heavy clothing, winter clothing 1 0 –1 MOV, -1 INI 4 pounds various -
Cloth armor, gambeson 2 1 - 6 pounds 150 silverthalers prim
Leather armor 3 1 –1 MOV, –1 INI 12 pounds 150 silverthalers easy
Chain mail 4 2 - 24 pounds 250 silverthalers easy
Scale mail 5 2 –1 MOV, –1 INI 36 pounds 400 silverthalers easy
Plate mail 6 3 - 50 pounds 750 silverthalers easy