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AP Value: 0 adventure points

Life Point Base Value: 5

Spirit Base Value: -5

Toughness Base Value: -5

Movement Base Value: 8

Attribute Adjustments: one attribute of your choice +1

Common Cultures:

  • Middenrealmer: Andergastan, Bornlander, Cyclopean, Horasian, Maraskan, Middenrealmer, Northern Aventurian, Nostrian, Southern Aventurian, Svellter
  • Nivese: Bornlander, Nivese, Northern Aventurian, Svellter
  • Norbards: Bornlander, Norbard, Northern Aventurian
  • Thorwaler: Fjarning, Northern Aventurian, Thorwaler
  • Tulamydes: Arianian, Maraskan, Mhanadistani, Novadis, Southern Aventurian
  • Forest Folk: Arianian, Mhanadistani, Mohas, Novadi, Southern Aventurian
  • Utulus: Arianian, Mhanadistani, Mohas, Novadi, Southern Aventurian

Common Advantages:

Nivese: Resistant to Cold, Sense of Range

Thorwaler: Increased Toughness, Rugged Fighter

Tulamydes: Resistant to Heat

Forest Folk and Utulus: Immunity to Wurara (a poison), Immunity to Swift Difar (a disease), Immunity to Brabak Sweat (a disease), Pleasant Smelling, Resistant to Heat

Common Disadvantages:

Nivese: Susceptible to Heat

Thorwaler: Frenzy, Decreased Spirit

Tulamydes, Forest Folk, Utulus: Susceptible to Cold

Uncommon Advantages: none

Uncommon Disadvantages: none

Core Rules, page 89