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Gray Mage (Lowangen School of Transformation)

AP Value: 310 adventure points

Prerequisites: Advantage Spellcaster (25 AP); Special Ability Tradition (Guild Mage) (155 AP)

Special Abilities: Languages and Literacy totaling 12 AP; Binding of the Staff

Combat Techniques: Polearms 8


Physical: Body Control 2, Perception 3, Self-Control 3

Social: Empathy 4, Etiquette 2, Willpower 3

Nature: Orienting 3, Survival 2

Knowledge: Geography 4, History 4, Magical Lore 6, Math 4, Myths & Legends 3, Religions 4, Sphere Lore 3

Craft: Alchemy 4, Artistic Ability 4, Treat Disease 5, Treat Poison 4, Treat Wounds 4

Spells: One cantrip from the following list:

Handwarmer, Lucky Fingers, Rainbow Eyes, Signature, Siren Call; Armatrutz 5, Bannbaladin 4, Corpofesso 6, Paralysis 6, Penetrizzel 4, Salander 5, Visibili (Elf) 4

Suggested Advantages: Improved Regeneration (Arcane Energy), Increased Spirit

Suggested Disadvantages: Negative Trait (Curiosity), Obligations II (academy or the town of Lowangen), Personality Flaw (Unworldly, Vanity), Principles I (help the wounded regardless of status, culture, or race; pacifism; elvish natural worldview)

Unsuitable Advantages: None

Unsuitable Disadvantages: Afraid of… (Dead and Undead), Decreased Spirit, Frenzy, Personality Flaw (Prejudice), Weak Regeneration (Arcane Energy)


Publication: Core Rules page 150