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Fog Body


Effect: Your body turns to fog, but your clothes and equipment do not. Mundane, magical, and blessed weapons cannot damage this fog. Spells with the property Transformation have no effect on the fog. If there is a breeze, you can move with a MOV of 4. If there is a slight headwind, you must make a Willpower check or else drift away. If there is a strong headwind, you are carried with it, unable to resist. You can still perceive your surroundings with all five senses while in fog form. Your body remains in fog form for the duration of the chant.

Ceremonial Time: 30 minutes

KP Cost: 16 KP

Range: Self

Duration: QL x 10 minutes

Target Category: Intelligent Creatures

Traditions: Phex (Shadow)

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 332