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Fate Points

The Age of Heroes is here, and a select few are chosen by Fate to do great deeds. Adventurers may use Fate Points (FtP) to influence fate to their own liking. The more Fate Points the heroes collect, the more often they can bend fate to their will and keep bad luck at bay.


What Are Fate Points?

Fate Points measure the heroes’ luck, but also indicate how much influence gods and archdemons hold over them. FtP allow a character to survive dangerous and possibly lethal situations. FtP distinguish adventurers from ordinary people, who have no FtP.


How Many Fate Points?

Heroes start with 3 FtP. The Luck advantage and the Bad Luck disadvantage modify the total maximum amount of FtP characters can have. Heroes that spend FtP must fulfill certain conditions to get them back. Heroes may never possess more FtP than their maximum limit.


Using Fate Points

FtP can influence the outcome of a situation, allowing you to reroll a failed check or act faster than everyone else, for example.

You may only spend one FtP per check. However, it is possible to spend one FtP to act first, then spend one to ignore all conditions, and spend yet another one to reroll a failed check. Other possibilities include strengthening your defense, raising the QL of a success, or rerolling damage. Remember, you can spend only one FtP per check. The following lists possible ways to use FtP.

  • Act First: You can spend one FtP to act first in a combat round, regardless of your original initiative total. This effect lasts for 1 round. After acting, use your original initiative total for the next combat round. If more than one hero uses this option, all act before the regular initiative phases (but still in order of their initiative totals).

You must declare this option at the beginning of the combat round before any other hero or NPC takes an action.

  • Defense: You can spend one FtP to strengthen your defense, gaining a +4 bonus on all defenses until the end of the combat round. You may use this option at any time during a combat round, though the beginning of the round is often the best time to do so. You may not use this option to boost any kind of defense roll you just completed. It takes effect with your next defense roll in the same round and expires at the end of the round. As a side-effect, this option raises the number of defenses you may make per round, since the bonus

effectively helps your defense value stay above zero longer.

  • Ignore all conditions: You can spend one FtP to ignore all conditions that might affect your hero. This effect lasts for one combat round.
  • Raise Quality: You can spend one FtP in order to increase the QL of a successful check by one. With a FtP you can even raise the QL above the maximum you could normally achieve with leftover SP. However, your skill check must be successful, you cannot turn a failure into a success, and you can use this option only once per skill check.
  • Reroll: You can spend one FtP to reroll a failed roll. This may be a failed attribute or skill check, or an uninspiring parry, attack, or ranged attack roll. You spend one FtP per roll, no matter how many dice you wish to reroll. For example, if you reroll a skill check, you can reroll one, two, or all three dice. Note that you may never reroll a botch. Furthermore, you must complete the original check before declaring a reroll, in case you roll a botch. When using a FtP in this manner, the result of the reroll is binding.
  • Reroll Damage: You can spend one FtP to reroll 1D6 when rolling for damage. You can reroll your own damage die, but not one belonging to your opponent. Furthermore, you can reroll only one die, even if your weapon does 2D6 (or more) for damage.


Regaining Fate Points

FtP that are spent are not gone for good. On the contrary, there are several ways to regain used FtP, if the GM allows. The GM has the final word.

  • Start of a Session: During an adventure, at the start of each session, the GM should allow all heroes who participated in the last session to regain 1 FtP.
  • End of an Act: When the heroes reach the end of an important chapter in the adventure, the GM should alllow each hero to regain 1 or more FtP.
  • End of an Adventure: At the end of an adventure, all surviving heroes should regain all FtP.
  • Heroic Deed: If the group succeeds at a very difficult challenge, defeats their arch-nemesis, or otherwise acts in a very heroic fashion (for example, by risking their lives to save a woman, her four children, and the family goose from a burning farm house), each participating hero should regain 1 FtP.

Core Rule page 28