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It’s an elvish quirk to create some rituals as songs or melodies. These songs are taught within the family and can differ greatly from those of other families. Each family’s magical songs share basic, unchangeable melodies, which allow elves to determine the origin and ancestry of other elves simply by listening to their music. You can use magical songs if you have the special ability Two-Voiced Singing, so spellcasters of other races often cannot sing them with the required perfection.

Elven Magical Songs in Detail

Magical songs are essentially rituals. For that reason, all rules for rituals apply to magical songs, except that special garments are not required, and you cannot use any spell modifications with songs. All other basic rules for skills apply. To use magical songs, characters need the application Two-Voiced Singing for the skill Singing and must make a skill check. Each magical song has its own SR. To enhance their songs, elves can make a check using either Singing (Two-Voiced Singing) or Music (appropriate application) before making the check for the song (as mentioned in each song’s description). Each QL with this check gives the elf 1 SP for the check with the magical song.