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Efferd’s or Dungeon Syndrome

Level: 2

Progress: This slow disease starts with fatigue, followed by clouded vision and even hallucinations.

Resistance: Spirit

Incubation Time: Immediate

Damage: 1 level Confusion per 5 days/1 level Confusion

Duration: Until the victim leaves the ship or dungeon (disease stops immediately)

Causes: At least 5 weeks at sea or in a dungeon (starting from the sixth week every week, 1 on 1D20, 5%)

Treatment: Restraints, so the diseased does not pose a danger to themselves during the hallucinations.

Antidote: See duration. Fresh sansaro keeps the disease from getting worse (no further levels of Confusion). Consuming sansaro for two weeks cures the disease. Ingesting fresh merman’s weed prevents the disease for a week.