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AP Value: 61 adventure points

Life Point Base Value: 8

Spirit Base Value: - 4

Toughness Base Value: - 4

Movement Base Value: 6

Attribute Adjustments: CON and STR +1; CHA or AGI -2

Strongly recommended Advantages and

Disadvantages: The following advantages and disadvantages distinguish Aventurian dwarves. You should choose these advantages and disadvantages; if you don’t want to take them, talk to your GM. Darksight I, Immunity to Tulmadron (a poison), Incompetence (Swimming)

Common Cultures: Diamond Dwarves, Forge Dwarves, Hill Dwarves, Ore Dwarves

Common Advantages: Darksight II, Difficult to Enchant, Direction Sense, Dwarf’s Nose, Increased Toughness, Resistant to Disease, Resistant to Heat, Rugged Fighter

Common Disadvantages: Frenzy

Uncommon Advantages: Beautiful Voice, Contortionist, Spellcaster

Uncommon Disadvantages: Decreased Spirit, Decreased Toughness, Night-Blind, Sensitive to Pain, Susceptible to Heat

Core Rules, page 94