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What is the sum of 7 and 2?


Level: 2

Progress: Fatigue, weakness, and dizziness, as well as fever, coughing, and a blocked nose. In some cases, dullskull can lead to contracting blue wheeze (1-2 on 1D20, 10%).

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 2 days

Damage: 1 level Stupor, 1 level Confusion as well as 1 DP per day/1 level Stupor. Dwarves who suffer from dullskull become very grumpy and receive the negative trait Short Temper, as long as the disease lasts.

Duration: 6 days/3 days

Causes: Lying or spreading falsehoods in a temple of Praios or Hesinde (1 on 1D20, 5%), proximity to a diseased person (1-2 on 1D20, 10%), hypothermia (at least one level of hypothermia, 1-8 on 1D20, 40%)

Treatment: Bed rest reduces the duration of the disease  by 1 day.

Antidote: Thrashbeard (immediate relief, the diseased loses no further DP through the disease)