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Characters in exceedingly small, narrow, or tight places are cramped. Even finding oneself in the midst of a large crowd can trigger this state. A cramped hero can barely move and suffers penalties for weapon and shield use in combat situations. Short weapons suffer no penalties. Attacks and parries with medium weapons suffer a – 4 penalty, while attacks and parries with long weapons suffer a –8 penalty. Checks for other skills may suffer a penalty of up to –2, at the GM’s discretion. Spells and liturgical chants suffer no penalties for casting while cramped.

Type Modifier
Short weapons +/–0 AT; +/–0 PA
Medium weapons –4 AT; –4 PA
Long weapons –8 AT; –8 PA
Small shields –2 AT; –2 PA
Medium shields –4 AT; –3 PA
Large shields –6 AT; –4 PA


Publication: Core Rules page 35