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TDE Game Reference

Found Combat Techniques: 1

Descriptions of Combat Techniques

We describe combat techniques using the following terms.

Special: lists special rules for the combat technique that apply to all weapons in this category.

Primary Attribute: the combat technique’s primary attribute influences the PA stat and the damage bonus. Some combat techniques allow you to choose from more than one primary attribute. If you have a really high Dexterity, Agility, or Strength, you can use certain techniques to deal more damage or raise your PA or RC stat by 1 per 3 full points above 8 for that attribute. Ranged combat techniques are described on page 245. They do not use the rules for damage bonuses or damage thresholds.

Improvement Cost: the combat technique’s improvement cost.

Damage Threshold: depending on the combat technique, heroes receive damage point bonuses from high primary attributes. All melee weapons have a stat called damage threshold (see Chapter 14: Equipment). If a combatant’s primary attribute is greater than a weapon’s damage threshold, every hit inflicts +1 DP per attribute point above the damage threshold.