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The hero’s clothing catches fire, and the hero suffers fire damage as long as this state remains in effect. Extinguishing a burning character requires a check on Body Control. Rolls to put out small fires have no modifier, while bigger fires incur a –1 penalty, and extinguishing a person who is completely aflame suffers a –2 penalty. You may roll to extinguish a burning character once every combat round. Others may help in the effort to extinguish the flames, making checks on Body Control, but each may make only one roll per combat round. Water, sand, and other aids may grant a bonus to the check. The GM decides whether a hero must make a skill check to pour a bucket of water over a burning character. These rules also apply for heroes that are attacked by or covered in acid, although neutralizing acid requires a huge amount of water or other suitable substance. Without such a substance, no skill check is allowed.


Publication: Core Rules page 35