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Blue Wheeze

Level: 6

Progress: Starting with the first day, the diseased develops severe pains in the chest, a fever, restless sleep, and shallow breathing. On the second day, coughing fits begin, accompanied by blue and violet phlegm. The skin grows pale, and sometimes the face takes on a lightly bluish cast. There is often discoloration of lips and tongue, which also turn blue. As blue wheeze progresses, the diseased suffers increasing fatigue and even complete exhaustion.

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 1 day

Damage: From the first day, 1 level of Pain (only occurs on the first day), from the second day, 1 level of Stupor every 3 days, plus 2 DP per day/1 level Pain (only occurs on the first day), plus 1 DP per day

Duration: 14 days/7 days

Causes: Following a disease of bloody phlegm or dullskull (1-2 on 1D20, 10%), longer contact with a diseased (1 on 1D20, 5%)

Treatment: Bed rest, home remedies, and drinking plenty of liquids reduces the duration of the disease by half.

Antidote: None; the Church of Peraine knows liturgies to stop the blue wheeze.