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Bloody Phlegm

Level: 3

Progress: The mouth and throat swell up, and then one coughs up reddishbrown phlegm, which is

accompanied by fits of coughing and a low fever. In some cases, bloody phlegm can lead to contracting blue wheeze (1-2 on 1D20, 10%).

Resistance: Toughness

Incubation Time: 3 days

Damage: Every three days, 1 level of Stupor, plus 1 DP/1 level of Stupor, plus 1 DP per day

Duration: 10 days/3 days

Causes: Long stay in the rain forest, at least 2 weeks (1-2 on 1D20, 10%), proximity to someone with the disease (1-5 on 1D20, 25%)

Treatment: Bed rest and home remedies reduce the course of the disease by 2 days.

Antidote: A secret mixture of different herbs from the rain forest (only known to shamans and animists of the Forest Folk tribes)