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What is the sum of 9 and 5?


Starting on the next combat round after entering this state, a hero gains a +4 bonus to attacks, a +2 bonus to damage, and a +2 bonus to Feat of Strength checks. In addition, the hero ignores the effects of the condition Pain. However, the hero may no longer defend, engage in ranged combat, use skills other than physical skills and Intimidation, or use special combat abilities other than Forceful Blow. The GM secretly rolls 2D20 to determine the duration of the bloodlust in combat rounds. During this time the hero attacks enemies, but when all enemies are disabled, the hero attacks the next closest person, be it a friend, an innocent bystander, a city guard, or even the Empress Rohaja herself. If no one is near, the hero goes on a rampage in search of targets. When bloodlust ends, the character gains 2 levels of the condition Stupor.


Publication: Core Rules page 34