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A blind person cannot see, whether due to the Blind disadvantage, total darkness, or even a simple blindfold. How well blind characters orient depends on their other senses. Even the simplest actions might require a skill check on Perception. Some skills are impossible for blind heroes to use, while other skills suffer large penalties. The GM decides which skills belong in these categories, and the degree of penalty, based on the situation.

 For example, a blind hero may be able to discern an enemy’s position during combat if the enemy makes a lot of noise. This might require checks on Perception (Search) vs. Stealth (Sneak). Blind heroes that hear their foes in this manner can still fight, but with the following restrictions.


  • Blind heroes make all close combat attacks at half the normal close combat Attack value
  • Ranged combat becomes a game of pure chance, requiring a roll of 1 on 1D20 to hit
  • Parries are as difficult to perform as ranged attacks, also requiring a roll of 1 on 1D20 to succeed
  • Dodging an incoming ranged attack is impossible while blind
  • Blind characters must touch opponents in order to affect them with spells or liturgical chants



Publication: Core Rules page 34