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Blessing of Healing


Effect: The target recovers a number of LP equal to the KP spent on the chant. You can use as many KP as you have SR in the chant. The healing occurs in five minutes. If you start performing this chant during the time period defined by a mortally wounded character’s Constitution, you can save that character’s life (see Life-Saving Measures and Death in Chapter 12: Detailed Rules on page 340). If the liturgical chant is interrupted, the target survives only for the number of CR that remain.

Liturgical Time: 16 actions

KP Cost: 1 KP per LP, at least 4 KP (you cannot use a modification on this chant’s cost)

Range: Touch

Duration: Immediate

Target Category: Intelligent Creatures, Supernatural


Traditions: Peraine (Healing)

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 325